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Sugar Boy of G-Worldwide fame dishes on hisbeginnings, how he bumped into music

Sugar Boy of G-Worldwide fame dishes on his
beginnings, how he bumped into music and
discovered he wanted to build a career around
He describes his musical influences, the impact
he hopes his music leaves on the listener and
more in this interview with Pulse.
How long have you been doing what you do?
How did you get started?
I would say from age 14. I started from going to
the studio with my friends to freestyling in my
ghetto. But officially it was in 2010 when I
featured on a record ‘Badman’ by Modenine.
Is there an early memory you’d like to share
about getting into your craft, such as when you
realized this was more than just a hobby or a
Yes, I remember I had friends who were into
music. I was not into music as such though I
had mad love for music. All I knew was school,
until one time when my friends invited me to a
studio just to tell them if their song was good or
bad. At the moment I stepped into the yard I felt
peace lol. The music ambience and the challenge
of creating music thrilled me, I said to myself
“this is pure bliss and of course the true
religion.” (Laughs).
How do you describe your sound to people who
haven’t heard your music before?
My sound is Afro-Ragga: It’s the fusion of
Afrobeat and reggae rhythms. I try to cross
borders with my music, so I call my sound Afro-
Who are your influences? What is some advice
that has stuck with you?
I am influenced by my immediate environment
and the happenings and sounds I listen to. Also,
a major influence is my father who had all the
albums of his time intact. Songs of Gregory
Issacs , Bob Marley and the waiters , Fela Kuti ,
Brenda , Lucky Dube , Hendrix , Eric D and so on
were on constant replay every other day.
One advice that has stuck with me is that Rome
was not built in a day. I see that too, greatness
is a process and nothing good comes easy on a
platter .
What do you hope people take away from
listening to your music?
I hope they see into the positive vibes I’m
exhuming and live their potentials.
Tell us a little bit about your singles, the
concepts/themes, the inspiration and creative
process behind them
At the moment I have two singles – ‘Hola Hola’
and ‘Double’. ‘Hola Hola’ is an Afrobeat /
dancehall tune and apparently a DJ favorite and
street anthem. ‘Double’ is more of a
motivational/reasoning tune and a song for
Generally, I draw inspiration from around me.
Creating music is always fun. My producer,
Beatburx and I synchronize easily.
What can we be expect from you for the rest of
The rest of the year is looking promising for me.
I am already seven materials deep. ‘Molue’,
‘Raba’. ‘Upon me’, ‘Ghetto boys, ‘NAPO’,
‘Double’ and the mighty ‘Hola Hola’. Lol. It’s
about tours, shows and appearances with more
singles and videos on the way. I’m also
recording and working on my album on the side.
So watch out, Sugarboy may be in your city

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