Dame Patience Jonathan, nicknamed 'Mama Peace' is probably the most popular First Lady in Nigeria

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Dame Patience Jonathan, nicknamed ‘Mama
Peace’ is probably the most popular First
Lady in Nigeria.
Like her husband, former president Goodluck
Jonathan, Patience is probably the most insulted
wife of the president.
The ex-First Lady made the headline when she
claimed ownership of the $31.4 million frozen by
the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission
Mrs Jonathan further urged EFCC Chairman,
Ibrahim Magu and the bank to lift the restrictions
placed on the account saying the money found in
five Skye bank accounts linked to her was meant
for her medical bills » and other expenses.
This move by Mrs Jonathan has continued to
generate reactions from Nigerians » .
While Nigerians are trying to figure out what sort
of illness would require $31.4 million to treat,
Pulse » has compiled a list of 5 things you
probably never knew about Patience Jonathan.
1. Dame Patience Jonathan graduated from the
University of Port Harcourt where she studied
Biology and Psychology. She was later awarded
an honorary doctorate degree from the same
2. The former First Lady established the first
community bank in Port Harcourt called Akpo
Community Bank.
3. Mrs Jonathan served as the permanent
secretary to the Bayelsa state government.
4. Recognised both locally and internationally,
Dame Patience received the ” Beyond The Tears”
International Humanitarian Award, New York, USA,
in 2008 for her role in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
5. Dame Patience has two children for her
husband, Goodluck Jonathan.

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