Brymo , has revealed he was never paid for his part in Oleku,

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The ‘Alajo Somolu ‘ crooner, who spoke with Sahara TV, said he was never paid by his then label, Chocolate City for the song.He said: “Remember Oleku right? I got no award for it. I was a fool, there was no contract”.
Speaking further, he said, as at that
time, he was so broke, he basically
lived off M.I another ex-label mae,
who happens to be the president of
Chocolate City now.
“Oleku was a pro-bono work for
Chocolate City. I felt maybe because
I didn’t have a contract and I was
new, it was my trial period. So I
signed a contract in April 2011 but
nothing changed. The label didn’t
provide money for upfront project
“But there’s always a way out of
that. There are other musicians on
the label. MI was the first to blow up
and he had gotten a place. In that
period, I was always at MI’s place.”
“In the case of the record label, the
contract and the court injunction,
it’s a show of shame. People will
always smile at you when you do
what they want. I was not in court
when the injunction was given. If
that’s how it is done in law, then we
should scrap the entire constitution.
“Fortunately, it didn’t last very long.
Eventually they removed it. Their
aim was to prevent me from putting
out my ‘Merchant, Dealers and
Slaves’ album.
“Nobody will like it if I go back to
Chocolate City. Certain things can
never be really mended. You just
have to go your separate ways. I’ve
had more peace in the last few

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