Adamant Fulani Hoodlums Attack Catholic Priests in Enugu.

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Suspected Fulani Herdsmen/hoodlums have once again attacked Catholic Priests. The Chaplain of St Camillus de Lelis Chaplaincy college of Health Science, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, was among the priests attacked. He was shot in the head but he survived. In a message shared on his social media, He said;
“THANKS BE TO GOD Dear friends, thank you so much for your solidarity, goodwill messages,calls
and most importantly your prayers. I am very much stable, hale and healthy.
“Our Lord did the greatest miracle for me: I was shot in the head through the side window of the
drivers side by Fulani hoodlums along Obimo in Uzo-Uwani, near Nimbo both in Enugu state. The
pellets stopped few inches to my brain/skull, and left orbit and ear. It could have been the end but
“However, I still have some pellets in my face. 
Finally continue to pray for Fr Emmanuel Dim who was abducted. Also Fr Prof Ezeokana is recovering from burns. Please let’s support them in prayers and let our voices echo for justice..”
God is indeed great. we wish him a speedy recovery.

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