MMN MIXTAPE : Boogey Incognito 

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e (Mixtape)
Six months after the release of
“Face Off” , a collaborative album
with Paybac , Boogey presents the
“INCOGNITO” mixtape.
INCOGNITO is his fifth body of
work in the last four years. It is
also his third body of work since
he once again became an
independent/unsigned artiste.
On this project, he portrays
himself as an unfamiliar being
(Messenger X) from an unknown
place, with a message of truth and
hope that is only understood by
those who have been chosen. The
MC merges fictional elements with
his real life and career struggle, as
the latter translates the former.
INCOGNITO takes the listener on a
mind trip that is rather dark and
sometimes eerie, but completely
honest. It expresses the feeling of
being alienated in a world where
one has never really belonged but
still calls home.
The mixtape features a continual
voice-over performance from
Toyosi Kajogbola which helps hold
the story together, guiding the
listener through what may seem
like a maze. The 12 track project
also features Danny Gomez ,
Vemor , Tay, Lady Donli , Cat
Mayel , Whykay, Bella , AT, Cyclone
Artemis , Kel , Phlow , Maka and
Zee .
Original Production: DJ Babus,
Chris Prythm, Odunsi , Teckzilla,
DJ Woske and Bigfoot .
Post-production: All tracks mixed
and mastered by Black
Artwork: Mac Solomon
Incognito lyric book included in
mixtape folder.
Having this project featured on
your platform would be greatly

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