Chris Brown Bans Guests, Alcohol & Drugs From His Home

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Chris Brown no longer wants his
roommates inviting people he doesn’t
know over to his home without proper
details of the person or prior notice.
The 27-year-old musician was
arrested earlier this month after
beauty queen Baylee Curran accused
him of pulling a weapon on her
during a row at his Los Angeles
home and as a result he is being
more careful about who visits his
According to TMZ, Chris’ two
roommates have to put a request in
writing if they want to have a guest
over, and they must include details
about the person so that Chris can
make an informed decision.
Guests are also banned from
bringing alcohol and drugs to the
Chris has insisted he will be able to
prove his innocence after being
accused of threatening Baylee with a
He said: “I cannot wait till the truth
comes to light about this incident
and this situation. You know,
because my character’s been
defaced and who I am as a person
and [my] integrity.
“I’m glad all my real supporters
know me, and know the truth and
see the truth.”
It was previously claimed his
accuser had texted a friend and
vowed to set the him up after he
told her to leave his house, and
Chris and his legal team have shared
the messages with a news outlet.
One allegedly read: “This freak Chris
Brown is kicking me out of his
house because I called his friends
jewelry fake. I’m going to set him
up and call the cops and say that he
tried to shoot me and that will teach
him a lesson I’m going to set his ass
Chris’ lawyer, Mark Geragos, also
insisted police haven’t found a gun
or jewels matching the description
given by Baylee when they searched
the house.
Surveillance cameras on the
Beautiful People singer’s property
are also being investigated, and
Mark insists they will further prove
his client is telling the truth.
He said of the footage: “There’s no
Chris Brown waving a gun. No
Baylee looking at a box of jewels.”
Chris, who was charged on suspicion
of assault with a deadly weapon, is
expected to appear in court on 20

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