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Album – Quality
Artiste – CDQ
Guests – Vector, Ice Prince, Banky W,
Reminisce, Davido, Cayana, Kenny Black,
Gabanabwoy, Olamide, Skales, VJ Adams,
Producers – Masterkraft
Record Label – General Records (2016)
Duration – 59 Minutes

After gaining the streetz’s attention
CDQ decides to properly introduce
himself to his fans with the self-
acclaimed Quality album. Quality is an
album monotonously produced by
Mastercraft. However, several Mix
masters made influential contribution
to some of the tracks.
Without further ado here is the epoch
review based on a track-by-track
Honestly, I don’t know what inspired
this track. The title does not correlate
with the lyrics in any way. This is
woeful attempt at story telling.
Again, a weak hook, weak punch line.
Everything about this track is wrong
except the beat. Mastercraft actually
did well with the tempo; I believe a
good rapper can get the best out of this
This is a street fused track, it’s the type
that can get you grooving thanks to the
beat. It has that street feel; this is one
of the few tracks the woss, wobi
signature gel with.
This track should not be on the album,
why? Because too much emphasis has
been laid on vulgarism. It’s becoming a
routine for CDQ to talk about a girl’s
body, can he just tell us something
else… #bored
Again, mastercaft to the rescue! The
beat will have you shaking your head
right from the beginning. Skales made
an average contribution, not his best
day I guess.
Indomie ft Olaimde and Davido
No doubt this song is a hit, I mean with
Baddo and Baddest giving you that
push, what could go wrong? It is a bit
surprising to see olamide singing the
chorus though but all in all, the street
will always love indomie.
Abo ft Vector and Mastercraft
Once again CDQ appreciates Ladies
with the big booty (abo), only this time
with the help of Vector. One thing that
made this track distinct from others is
the tempo. Mastercraft went slow on
this, good stuff.
Olowo ft Reminisce
For a street rap lover, you would be
excited by this collaboration, but wait!
The first thing that caught my attention
is the beat. It sounded exactly like
“2mussh” a song produced by
Legendary Beatz for Reminisce’s first
album. Besides that, the both of them
deliver on this track.
Odikwa Ok Ft Banky W
Too much Bass for a love song, CDQ ‘s
romantic attempt was ok. However, Mr
Capable sounded really tired on this
track, he did not have much to
contribute here, I mean you would
expect a better chorus.
Otishe ft Gabana Bwoy
This track actually brought out a part of
CDQ we have never seen. Talking about
his struggle to music and what God has
done for him.
Nowo E Soke ft Wizkid
A DJ friendly song. It is a typical Cdq
track but with a much better partner in
Wizkid. The track is simply all shades
of groove.
Shanawole Ft Iceprince
This was the first track on the album
and CDQ choose to go hard-core on it.
Partnered by Iceprince, this track was
definitely the appropriate introduction
to quality.
Sun Seyin
It is a typical CDQ song, a party song
with a poor chorus. But then,
Mastercraft’s beat always to the rescue.
A freestyle track, I take it back “ a good
freestyle track”. CDQ went hardcore on
this one and once again Mastercraft
came in with that sick beat.
Honestly, the album was boring, not
because there was not much
excitement but because the absence of
versatility killed the vibes. For an
album with prominent names on the
track list, you would expect to C D
Quality but No! it is an average album.

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