D'banj Does singer have enough juice in the tank for another album?

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“I have my album ready and in the next few
weeks, I would be releasing two songs; one
features Phyno while the other is with the
legendary DJ Oskido from South Africa.” – D’banj
(September 3, 2016)
It’s happening again. We have another D’banj
project which has been announced, and
promotion on it has commenced. Just like many
years before this, this news does not inspire
excitement, nor make fans smack their lips in
anticipation. Many could even be forgiven to have
disgust as their reflex expression.
Ever since his split with Don Jazzy in 2011,
there’s been a steady decline of D’banj’s musical
powers, even though his celebrity went the other
way. Each year brings another D’banj power
move and endorsement deal, but the quality of the
music takes a hit. 2013’s compilation album “D
King’s Men” was a fantastic project which still
stands as his best DB Records LP, but it failed to
catch on, with many attributing it to the lack of
love from core fans who still blame him for
splitting the indomitable Mo’Hits Records.
But subsequent singles have found plenty of
marketing yield little fruits, and the dissent from
critics and listeners have always been felt. A few
bright spots have made his case salvageable;
‘Top of the world’ , ‘Feeling the nigga’ and 2016’s
‘ Emergency’ have still kept his case for music
credibility alive, but he manages to find new ways
to come up with less-inspired sounds.
2016 has had his record label undergo severe
changes, and almost fallen apart. His producer
DeeVee split from the group, so also did his
joker, Tonto Dikeh » , who is seeking fulfilment
from motherhood and other familial concerns. His
other signees, 2kriss, have been without buzz nor
But he is coming through with two new singles
for an album. And you begin to wonder if he still
has enough juice left in the tank to push through
another album release. This year marks his 11
year in the music industry. Three studio albums,
two compilation albums, and an EP is a good run
for the Nigerian music industry, but he intends to
change that number with another project.
D’banj this year is championing a new initiative;
CREAM. » The ‘Oliver Twist’ singer entered a
venture (via his record label DKM) with MTN to
create a platform for creative people called
CREAM. ” A partnership with MTN and DKM to
launch a platform of Visible hope for the creative
industry where Creative contents will be found ,
housed , financed , nurtured , published ,
marketed , distributed and Sold with track-able
Monitoring by Content owners without leaving
their comfort zones. Supported by Bank of
Industry ” D’banj explained on his Instagram page.
The CREAM platform is being sold as an avenue
for people with talents to showcase and maximise
their potential, also a means to getting resources
for those with ideas. CREAM which stands for
‘Creative, Reality, Entertainment, Arts and Music’
was launched on August 1, 2016, and talent
scouting is ongoing for the project. The eventual
people picked will get the chance to score a
recording deal which consists of recording a track,
shooting a music video, a collaboration with any
artiste of their choice, talent showcase, talent
branding, promotion and marketing.
With all of these activities on the project, you
begin to wonder if he has enough time to focus
on the music. No information has been released
on the nature of the album, but it appears he is
dead serious on dropping this project.
“We are not releasing music for YouTube or for
the sake of being popular; we are releasing music
to provide money and food for our family”, he told
Punch, unveiling the underly
A fair reason for dropping this project is due to
the financial rewards. D’banj, for all the vitriol he
gets offline, is a digital sales champion. His
numbers are phenomenal online, with very few
artistes able to compete with his earnings on
digital stores and distribution platforms. That
goes against popular perception about the efficacy
of his music.
The singer’s album will be purportedly be
dropping before the end of the year, and plans are
already underway to commence the rollout of
singles, and other promotional materials. With a
bashed musical credibility, and a fanbase that
pretty much has very little contemporary reason
to follow the new music, only time and the
content of his album will be determinants on if
there’s enough left in D’banj for another D’banj

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