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Rapper Tyga could go to jail once he returns
from his vacation with Kylie Jenner.
An arrest warrant was issued by the judge
after the rapper failed to show up to court
Tuesday morning, August 9, 2016.
Tyga who is reportedly in Turks and Caicos with
his girlfriend Kylie Jenner to celebrate her 19th
birthday was supposed to appear in courts over
his ongoing eviction case with his landlord.
Tyga’s landlord filed court documents that say he
agreed to pay $16,000 per month for the plaintiff’s
house. Three months after moving in, he however
stopped paying rent and the landlord attempted to
have him evicted.
According to court documents obtained by E!
News, Tyga abandoned the house ‘sometime
prior’ to October 31, 2012. But after moving out
the landlord discovered that he had inflicted major
damages on the home, including tearing off the
automatic gate opener and damaging bathroom
The cost of the damages is about $480,285,
which Tyga hasn’t paid.
Since he hasn’t coughed up the money for the
judgment, the landlord wants to know where he’s
hiding his assets.
All this comes after the ‘ Molly ‘ rapper coughed up
some cash for Kylie’s brand new Mercedes-Benz
Maybach » for her birthday a few days ago.
On Instagram, the ‘ Rack City’ rapper wished his
girl a Happy Birthday on her special day
yesterday, August 10, 2016.
Earlier this year rumour had it that Tyga owed his
girlfriend $2 million because he had been using
her cash to fund his personal expenses, but the
Keeping Up With the Kardashians star immediately
put rumours to rest.
“Lies lies lies, ” she tweeted at the time and Tyga
never publicly addressed the hearsay.

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